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Snowboarders and Skiers, welcome to my upcycling project page – goggle covers! My name is Kasia and I’ve been spending the winter season in the mountains for several years now. Knowing how much the clothing industry contributes to environmental degradation, I came up with the idea of creating goggle covers from leftover materials.

Upcycling – what is it

Upcycling is a form of reprocessing waste from which valuable items are created. In recycling, a material is used as a secondary raw material whose structure is changed.
Upcycling is giving new life to old, unnecessary objects, changing their function. It is worth noting that, unlike recycling, upcycling reduces electricity and gas consumption to a minimum, relying on manual techniques. This also contributes to caring for our environment.

The materials used to sew the goggle covers come from leftovers from the sewing rooms of several local Polish companies.

millions of tons of clothes end up in landfills every year
0 %
percentage of global water pollution caused by the fashion industry
0 %
of discarded clothes could be reused or recycled
0 %
of fabrics intended for clothing ends up on the floors of sewing rooms

Did you know that 60 per cent of all clothes produced end up in landfills or are burned within a year of production!

There is also a clear problem of increasing clothing waste – only 1% is recycled and made into new clothes. In the European Union alone, people throw away an average of 11 kg of clothes per person per year, while they buy 26 kg. (source)

According to UN data, the clothing industry is responsible for around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions (with this figure projected to double in 30 years). Air quality is negatively affected by the production of clothing, but also by its transport.
I’m doing all this to draw attention to the problem of how much unnecessary stuff we buy and how easy it is for us to throw away rather than repair.
The ‘snow brow’ goggle covers will help protect the glass of your goggles from damage so they can last for years.